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FOX News
Jul 4, 2012 2:00am PDT
>> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. >> it is independence day. wednesday, july 4th and thanks for watching "fox & friends" first. now, we want you throughout the world to send us over your patriotic pictures and tell us exactly how you plan to celebrate the day to us. you can shoot us an e-mail at friendsfirst at and keep them coming throughout the hour. >> absolutely. now it's time for your five at 5:00, the top five stories making news for you at this hour. nearly 1.3 million across seven states and washington, d.c. remain without power. it is now the fifth day that they're without electricity after deadly storms. crews working around the clock to help restore power in unbearable heat and more bad weather expected to hit parts of the east coast later today. >> on the eve of the fourth of july, a fireworks explosion causing the back deck of a new hampshire home to go up in flames overnight. >> and i saw the cloud, i knew it couldn't be done so i came down and the feeling in my stomach so i knew something couldn't be right. i was hoping someb
FOX News
Jul 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
of the dissent together. >> former u.s. secretary of commerce john bryson won't be charged in connection with the series of bizarre hit-and-runs that led to his resignation last month. although he tested positive for a small amount of ambien in his system, they have ruled the accident caused by a seizure. >> apparently, hollywood has been showing him the money. tom cruise making or taking the top spot on "forbes" list of highest paid actors. he made a whopping $75 million last year, heather. no chump change there. yeah, leonardo dicaprio and adam sandler both trailed behind him, only $37 million. that's your five at 5:00. >> we go to the loss of an american legend. he was america's favorite sheriff and lawyer adored by fans. today, andy griffith is being remembered by fans who loved him best. >> i'm telling you to hush up. >> you told me i could speak now or forever hold my peace. >> well, now i'm telling you if you don't hush up, you'll be forever holding the seat of your britches. >> so cute! great. of course, that was ron howard who played griffith's son opie on the andy griffith sho
Jul 1, 2012 3:30pm PDT
on "comunidad del valle" with the skip fund near and dear to the hearts of many of us. frank alvarez runs the organization out of san francisco. welcome to the show. >> thank you so much for having me. >> tell us, first of all, globally, how are we competing? how are we competing globally when it comes down to it? >> today, the u.s. is 12th internationally when you look at the population in general, we have about 40% of all of the population with a two-year college degree, we're 12th in the world. to get to number one to be competitive and assure our way of life and republic, we have to get to 60. but if you look at the 40%, the lowest performing at 19% are latinos. so the u.s. cannot get to number one. they cannot get to 60 until latinos move forward and advance from the high school finish line to a college degree. >> and here's a tough question. is that how far we have sunk and how high were we at one point? i don't know if you have the figures for that. >> we're moving up. what we're finding is the population is coming up. the children today are coming with higher expectations of getti
Jul 15, 2012 9:00am PDT
used 17 years old say that marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are common at house parties where parents are present. is substance abuse the new national pastime? we'll ask joe call fon oh, director of the national center on addiction and substance abuse. kaf >>> welcome secretary califano. >> nice to be with you. >> pleasure to have you with us. mel gibson was arrested in malibu, california not long ago and i'd like to know from you from your knowledge of the case, whether or not mel gibso was exhibiting signs, clear signs that he's an alcoholic. >> i think -- he was certainly exhibiting clear signs that he's an alcohol abuser. that he gets drunk and loses any inhibitions and lets the demons out. whether or not he is a full-blown alcoholic in the sense that he drinks so much so often that he can't function in his creative life, he can't function with his family, he can't function in day-to-day, or and that he drinks even though he knows it's badly hurting him in a whole variety of ways. i don't know the answer to that. only the people who are treating him know that. exactly arnks abuser
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
aviv. he is visiting the key u.s. ally a place that obama has yet to visit since coming to the white house. i'm healther childers. >> i'm kelly wright. he is spending 36 hours in israel. including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. ahead of his trip he signed a bill reaffirming the united states commitment to israel and the administration announced additional defense funding for the jewish state. molly henneberg is live in washington, d.c. where she has been following all this. critics say the actions were timed to upstage governor's romney's visit. >> the white house says no to that. governor romney says he will not criticize president obama directly while he is overseas but romney has spoken previously while in the u.s. of obama's administration shabby treatment of israel. the israeli people deserve better than what they received from the leader of the free world. he is romney on the plane to israel today. israel is fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney will make the case he would be tougher with iran than president obama. he said in an interview with an israeli p
Jul 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
expect there will be crowds lining up behind us for the next couple of weeks. you're starting to feel the excitement in the air. >> it's a great location. you get the lay of the land. that big white thing, that's savannah's trailer. better known as the olympic stadium. the observation tower. the aquatic center. >> amazing. >> you asked me to store your hair and makeup. >> we're going to spend a lot of time in these places over the next couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> makes it real being here now. >> it does. also the pomp and pageantry is already underway this morning. the famed big ben chimed nonstop for 3 minutes to celebrate the first official day of the olympic games. right now a big crowd has gathered at tower bridge awaiting the arrival of the olympic torch to sail by on the queen's barge. the question is whose hands will it be in. matt lauer, we're looking at you. you know. >> you're looking in the wrong place. >> i think it was barry gold water that said i'm not a good leaker. >> we'll work on it. >> we'll pry it out of you or meredith. >> obviously a very big date for britain an
Jul 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
and natalie morales. al is at the residence of the u.s. ambassador here in london. a little later this morning he's going to be talking to our first lady michelle obama. we're going to check in with him a little later on. meanwhile, what do you think of our digs. >> amazing. >> only more exciting. the park is actually closed right now to the public. we expect there will be crowds lining up behind us for the next couple of weeks. you're starting to really feel the excitement in the air. >> a great location. you know what's behind us there. you get the lay of the land. that big white thing there, that is savannah's trailer, better known as the olympic stadium. the observation tower, the aquatic center. >> amazing chlgt you ask. >> you asked me to store your hair and makeup. >> we're going to spend a lot of time in these places. >> the pomp and pageantry under way. the famous big ben chimed nonstop for three minutes to celebrate the first official day of the olympics. right now a big crowd is at tower bridge awaiting the olympic torch to sail by on the queen's barge. whose hands will it be in? ma
Jul 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
's tahman bradley joins us from washington with the latest. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny. good morning, rob. it looks like it will be one for the ages. we are four months from the election. and the new poll shows a dead heat. as the race ramps up in a couple races. the contest is dead-even. president obama and mitt romney are tied among registered voters nationally. but the poll shows troubling news for the president. 63% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. after another slow month for job growth, president obama is renewing his look on taxes, vowing to extend tax cuts for the middle-class. and raising taxes for those that make more than $250,000 a year. >> folks like me, we don't need a tax cut. that will help pay down our deficit. >> reporter: the president is personally calling on his opponent to release his tax returns. saying it's important for him to be an open book. romney says he has nothing to hide. >> all the taxes are paid, as appropriate. all of them have been reported to the government. there's nothing hidden there. >> reporter: the
Jul 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, an invisible vapor, a cloud of smoke. we do not know -- >> reporter: the u.s. was also developing psychochemical weapons of its own. >> here's a group of normal soldiers responding correctly to a group of routine drill commands. after receiving a small dose of lsd, they're confused and undisciplined. >> reporter: edgewood arsenal was where much of the research took place. using men like tim josephs. >> when i got there, it did not look like a military base, more like a hospital. >> reporter: describe it. what was it that you saw? >> everyone's in lab coats. some military doctors, i guess, and some were civilian doctors. but they were well aware that you were a private and they were captain and up. and i expressed my concern right from the beginning. they took me aside and said, you volunteered for this. if you don't do it, there's most likely prison and a dishonorable discharge. >> reporter: you were intimidated? >> yes. >> reporter: 0ersed? >> yes. >> reporter: forced? >> forced. >> reporter: you didn't sign up for this? >> no, not at all. >> i reported up there september the 3rd
Jul 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
was a powerful man during their argument and she was not worried he would use the power to get custody of their son. that contradicts remarks taken by a neighbor shortly after the accident. and we have live coverage of lopez's appearance today on abc 7 news at 5:00. and dan noyes will be tweeting live from inside of the proceedings using the hash tag mirkarimi. >> firefighters made quick work of a brush fire south of the oakland airport today. crews noticed smoke after 2:00 this afternoon and they found the fire burning on a strip of land on davis street. firefighters got it out and no structures were threatened. >> efforts to clean up a park that has become a haven for the homeless went off without a hitch. and there is kelly park not far from san jose state spartan stadium. crews cleared debris from a homeless camp. there have been several fires in the park and officials claim the blazes were the reason they say was to help people living here transition to a better place. >> we've been working carefully with other partners and they're involved with homeless services so we can connect
Jul 22, 2012 5:00am EDT
winds that are bringing some of that rain here to us and probably will for much of the day? >> yeah, that on-shore flow is what kept us so damp yesterday and kept our temperatures down and kept the clouds in and we saw some pretty heavy rain across the area. fortunately, this is going to start to break apart. while we are starting off with that pattern once again, we're hoping to dry out. again, it's the afternoon. yesterday, high temperatures barely made it into the upper 60's and low 70's and with that very moist low coming off the northeast. today we're starting off in the 60's once again but expected to move into the mid 80's this afternoon. fog and drizzle to start off the day. if i'm optimistic, afternoon sunshine, a few breaks for it. you spend most of the day under the cloud cover. at least we're starting to warm things up. this is all great news to get all this rain helping us bring us out of the drought. details on that when we come back in the seven-day forecast. >> our big story this morning, as police and federal agents continue their investigation in aurora, colorado,
FOX News
Jul 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
are the most lethal sniper in u.s. history. i have the medals to prove it. five bronze stars, two silver stars. what struck me, the people that you considered killing, quote unquote, savages. >> the people i was killing, not just iraqis. >> bill: why did you consider the enemy savages? >> from their actions. the way they live day to day as far as the violence they commit on american troops. the had he headings the rape of innocent villagers and towns people to intimidate them. they live by putting fear into other people's hearts. civilized people don't act that way. >> bill: you were so effective in welcome rk they put $20,000 on your head if one of them killed you, they were going to pay $20,000. do you believe they considered you a savage? >> i'm sure they did. honestly, i don't know. i really don't care. >> bill: so you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believe they deserve to die? >> i wasn't committed to killing them. i'm committed to making sure that every service member over there, whether mesh or allies came home. >> bill: but as a sniper your job is to k
Jul 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
, is joining us. we're also waiting for ana navarro. the typical politics surrounding this event, as i've been reading through and other times that joe biden has spoken at various events, i wonder what he's going to say and if he's going to cause a stir in biden's style. >> well, as you know, joe biden is quite capable of giving a very strong and capable speech. this is an audience that he is familiar with. as chairman for many years, joe biden championed equality for women and other minorities. this is an opportunity to talk about the presidential record on those issues and the president record on the economy and the affordable care act and how it helps other families, how to help small businesses and people with pre-existing conditions and other americans. so i think joe biden will respond to mitt romney but on his purpose today is to remind this audience of what president obama has accomplished in the area of civil rights and equal justice for all americans. >> so ana navarro, i know you were joining us on this conversation, we're waiting for joe biden to step up to the mike. what do you th
Jul 12, 2012 11:00am EDT
were joining us on this conversation, we're waiting for joe biden to step up to the mike. what do you think about president obama sending joe biden to this event? >> well, you know, vice presidents are good for a few things. you send them to the burials of foreign leaders and the places you don't want to go. we were just seeing pictures from a few minutes ago at the auditorium and there's a lot of empty seats. i don't know if it's biden or -- people seem to be running late for joe biden today. i think that might explain some of the delay. there's a lot of empty chairs in that room right now. >> well, ladies, i am going to please ask you to stand by while those seats do get filled and they obviously get the lights ready for joe biden to step up to the mikes there at the naacp. donna, ana, stay with me. we will join the speech and we'll talk about it afterwards. in >>> meanwhile, it's damming, it's scathing, and it's what a lot of people already suspected. we're talking about louis freeh and his investigation into the jerry sandusky case. his report just issued a short while ago reveals
Jul 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
discovery, four delta flights headed for the u.s., turcy sandwiches with needles in them. the fbi is investigating this is a possible terrorist act. we're going to speak exsclusively to two passengers who found the needles. >>> first, abc's pierre thomas has more and joins us this morning from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. overnight, the sandwich scare left us with a critical question about airline security. how safe from stabotage on commercial planes? a half-dozen sewing needles on sandwiches on four separate delta flights this past sunday. at least one person injured after biting in. >> it was the second bite into the sandwich. it actually poked the top of my mouth. it was a one-inch-long straight needle. >> reporter: fbi is investigating who had access to the food. a father and son on two separate flights were also injured. authorities are trying to figure out if it was just a coincidence. delta airlines released a statement, saying has taken immediately action with our in-flight caterer. the sandwiches were prepared in the gate gourmet ca
Jul 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. england is used to dreary weather but never like this. charlie d'agata is in london. shark sightings on both coasts have boaters and swimmers looking over their shoulders as karen brown tells us. and actor earnest borgnine has died at the age of 95. >> what do you feel like doing tonight's? >> i don't know, ang, what you feel like doing? >> jeff: bill whitaker looks back on his oscar-winning career. this is the captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. one day makes all the difference. the 90 and 100 degree temperatures that gripped most of the country yesterday have retreated now to a narrow band along the mid-atlantic coast. but at least 35 people have died from the heat and in some places the worst is not over yet. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: in washington d.c. today patience is wearing thin. >> a lot of people are sick of it. and want it over. >> reporter: blistering temperatures hitsing the 100s for the fourth day in a row. >> i feel like it's kind of pounding. >> reporter: since july 1st this historic heat wave h
Jul 28, 2012 11:30am EDT
to sway 800,000 jobs but more importantly for young people for us it is going to raise our premiums because in obamacare it is tough to weigh a provision that says insurance companies can no longer very price according to one's age or health status. insurance companies look at us and see again healthy individual and say you got to pay the same rate as your parents and grandparents. a huge redistribution of wealth from young to old and the left celebrates it. youth unemployment at historic highs. you have almost double the national average with those 18 and older and you look at the key to unemployment. many of you are in this category if not all of you and in america right now only 30% of teenagers are employed. 30% of teenagers are employed because employers say it is too expensive in the down economy that was supposed to be recovering and for three year sins the stimulus package passed too expensive to hire young people. pretty much the obama presidency has been a disaster. barack obama is currently less popular than a sexually transmitted disease. but yet you still might say no c
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
of the break. why should our wallets tell us what our favorite color is? every room deserves to look great. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most colorful options... ...across every possible price range... ...our budgets won't be picking the style. we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with $37 basic installation on martha stewart living and platinum plus carpet. >>> good morning to you. looking live at san mateo bridge there. you can see a bit of blue, a bit of the water and of course the fog sitting right on top of the bay area today. we'll check with anthony in just a few minutes. >>> now, a storm not the kind that goes in anthony's forecast. is it a solar storm. we'll get to that in a moment. but, first, we want to tell you about the fire that is burning in placerville this morning. it is a wildfire that is threatening at least 150 homes. governor jerry brown called for more firefighters to help battle those flames. the fire started on wednesda
Jul 28, 2012 8:00am EDT
life. >>> and taking even more humanity out of traveling. >> if you twoish use a taxi please see the uniform taxi dispatcher outside door number eight. >> giving new definition to service with a smile that's missing a little heart. all that and so much more on "cbs this morning saturday," july 28, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> a good saturday morning to everyone who is joining us. great to have you with us again maurice. >> great to be back with you, rebecca. >>> the xxx olympiad is under way. the 2012 summer games got off to a rousing start with an opening ceremony that ranged from high drama to low humor, spiced with plenty of rock'n'roll. it was quite a spectacle and the queen dropped in with the help of 007. >> mark phillips joins us from london. "the new york times" is sayi medal went to a chinese woman in the women's ten-meter air rifle. >> we'll check in with you later in the program. >>> after taking in the opening ceremony last night, mitt romney heads to israel this morning. after a less than diplomatic start to his foreign trip he's no doubt
Jul 4, 2012 2:35am EDT
she suspect heed was using synthetic marijuana, k 2 or spice. a relatively new drug, herbs, sprayed with chemicals. often marketed as incense. doctors say what makes it most dangerous is they don't know what kind of chemicals are used or what behavior it will provoke. >> i have seen children who are aggressive and violent. on another spectrum we have seen children with catatonic, slow movements not moving at all or no speech. tests show the drug was in lane's grandson's system at the time of the shooting. but the critical evidence may be this sound. another gunshot while he was on the phone with a 911 operator. >> i got shot again. help. >> reporter: a grandmother now on trial for murdering the very person she says she loved. and was trying to help. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> okay, the kid was using drugs. if she shot him while he has been shot on the phone to police and they're on their way what possible defense? >> i have no idea. i am just flabbergasted. when you listen to something like that. grandparents are just -- you know they usually just adore their grandchildre
Jul 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
have rain in the forecast for today. we're still trying to move this front to the south of us. farther south to allow dryer air to get in. it's not happening right now. right now, we have some light rain showers and drizzle over the area. just covering the metropolitan area now from the eastern shore northwestward out into carroll county, and there's more to the west in northern virginia and west virginia as well, and it's drifting in, traveling along the north edge of that front. so, yes, we still have rain in the forecast today. we'll try to salvage tomorrow. it might be a 50-50 this weekend. i'll talk about it coming up with the insta-weather. >> now to our big story, detames on the horrific massacre in aurora, colorado, continue to unfold this morning. 12 people were killed, more than 50 injured during a shooting spree at the premiere of the new batman knewee, "the dark knight rises." >> this morning, community searches for clues about how and why this massacre happened. we have team coverage this morning, and we begin with 11 news reporter jay gray. >> i got people running out of
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
on their watch. as the obama campaign indicated to us after our interview, they say they are still not satisfied with romney's answers and believe the american people will want to see more information. a lot more questions still to be asked. >> richard wolf, good morning to you. >> good morning, lester. >> romney did five interviews yesterday trying to refute these allegations. did he do himself any favors? >> on the surface this was a confident, assertive performance by mitt romney. he had tremendous discipline between these various interviews and he certainly tried to land some punches against the obama campaign, but if you look at the substance of what he said, he was so assertive and so clear that i think he left himself a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of problems moving forward. for instance, he told peter he had no responsibility whatsoever for what happened at bain capital. and it's very hard to square that kind of statement with the official documents he signed where, in fact, he had a legal responsibility at ceo and managing director. so this story has some way to run still. >>
Jul 8, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. because then it is much aesz easier for us to assess how dangerous or not dangerous it is for neighboring countries. >> reporter: health officials may be closer to figuring out exactly what it is. researchers found a virus called ev 71, appearing in samples of more than a dozen cases they tested. ev71 was discovered in the 1960s in the u.s. where it was blamed for an outbreak of neurological disease in california. it is associated with hand foot and mouth disease. there is no known treatment for it. the world health organization warns the discovery of ev71 does not mean the problem of the undiagnosed cases has been solved. a lot more analysis and testing is needed. in the meantime, health officials in cam bode ycambodia trying to make parents aware, if children are having any symptoms, bring the child directly to the hospital. this children was treated at home first. a week later grandmother brought him to the hospital. doctors diagnose id him with dungae fever. >> interesting. sara sidnor. what is ev-71 and is it a possible break through and is it too soon to be optimistic about this? >>
Jul 20, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. and that reality makes the pain and the grief too intense for words. but we can't let it keep us from our lives. >> thank you for being with me today. our thoughts and prayers go to those in colorado. i'm brooke baldwin. now to wolf blitzer. "the situation room" begins now. >>> brooke, thanks very much. we're continuing to follow the breaking news. >> i got seven down in theater 9. >> a horrible mass shooting in a movie theater near denver. 71 people dead -- excuse me, 71 people shot, 12 of them are dead. many of the wounded still are in critical condition. a suspect is in custody. colorado's governor calling him a man with a "deranged mind." we're getting new pictures and details as we speak including more from the survivors and heartbreaking stories about the victims. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're going live to the scene of the shooting in just a moment. but first a quick rundown of what happened on this horrible day. the shooting started after midnight about 12:38 a.m. in theater 9 of the century aurora 16 multiplex. aurora's a suburb of denver. about 15 minutes int
Jul 20, 2012 4:00pm EDT
told us he had come into the theater from the exit door, which was just to the right of the movie screen which led to the outside of the movie theater building. presuming that door is locked from the outside, police not saying exactly how james holmes could have gotten in there. did he have help? did he leave that door propped open at some point? to what degree was all this planned out? >> ed, standby for a moment. i'm going to be coming back to you. we've got a lot of reporters on the scene right now. our own anderson cooper is in colorado. he's going to be reporting later tonight including for us here in "the situation room." we're watching all of this unfold. it's been a horrible, horrible day not only for the people of aurora but for all of the people who have been watching all of this unfold in the united states and around the world. it's just been an unbearable situation for so many folks there. jennifer seeger was with a friend in the second row of the aurora movie theater when the gunman stormed in. jennifer is joining us now from aurora. and, jennifer, first of all, how a
FOX News
Jul 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
average so far this year. stu varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network joins us now. so, stu, read the tea leaves so to speak for us. what are we expecting? >> i've got two pointers for you, heather. both of them suggest a weak jobs report. pointer number one, personal spending, consumer spending, it's actually fallen in each of the last two months. now in america that is a very unusual happening. normally, consumer spending goes up gradually. for the last two months it has actually gone down. second pointer, today we received a report from visa which suggests that this july the 4th week we will spend 11% less on july 4th related events than we did last year. so pointer number one is weak spending. that suggest a weak jobs report. but there is another one. so far this year the number of people filing unemployment claims, and that is an indicator of layoffs, that has gone up. we're now very close to the danger eppoint of 400,000 new faces on the unemployment lines each and every week. two pointers suggest weakness in the jobs report come friday morning. i would offer the
FOX News
Jul 25, 2012 2:00am EDT
about my own past and about things i used to believe in. but if he agreed it was in context, then he's underlining everything he's ever believed in as a big government liberal. let me finish. if he claims it's out of context, then basically he's throwing himself under the bus. >> that's -- that's if you believe your definition. the fact is barack obama cut taxes on small businesses, $250 billion. i don't know anybody else who has done this. >> wait a minute. he used stimulus money. >> that's right. >> so, it's a tax cut. >> stop, think about it. >> i'm not going to stop. >> it's using taxpayer money to give their own money back. what you said is important. i didn't mean that, i meant roads and bridges. so you're telling us, president obama, you didn't build those roads and bridges so the roads and bridges made your business successful? that's what he's trying to say? that's as alarming as saying you didn't build your own business. >> and if what he said was true, why isn't everybody wildly successful? companies and people who paid the taxes to build the roads, everybody should be suc
Jul 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, this was not unexpected. as we reported, u.s. postal inspectors have been searching through the mailboxes near the suspect's home looking for letters or packages james holmes might have sent out. they didn't find any, but now we know that's because the package had already been sent even before the shooting. on monday afternoon, investigators scoured the mail room at the university of colorado and found what they've been searching for-- a piece of mail from the alleged shooter, james holmes. but before opening it, the sheriff's bomb squad handled it with a robot and took an x-ray just in case there were explosives inside. sources say the letter was from a pent-up holmes to one of his professors. in it he talked about shooting people and even included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. the letter arrived days before friday's shooting but had not been processed out of the mail room. former f.b.i. senior profiler mary ellen o'toole says we may see more letters from the alleged shooter. >> particularly because of the complexity of the case and how much work this person put into these two different cri
Jul 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
. center. joel d. smith is live where it's all happening, to show us how each and every hero is being remembered.good morning joel d. 3 3 tte world's heaviest living woman is crediting sex... for a 98 pound weight oss. loss.pauline potter was named the heaviist living woman last september.since then... she's been trying to lose weight.she told doctor drew pinsky... she did some reasearch... and then got her ex-husband to help out. (( i did some research and whatever and found out that you can burn 500 calories. so i guess it didn't hurt. i was kind of having fun and helping myself at the same time.")) time."))potter also says she's been eating more fruits and fresh vegetables and has water therapy three to five times a week. 3coming up... dramatic moments... caught on camera.wait until you see whatts about to happen... to a car passing by the scene of a fire. and in our hometown hotspot... the circus is coming to town.a sneak peek at some of the tricks yyu'll be seeing... at this year's're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) 3 the
Jul 11, 2012 9:00pm PDT
-american families. nor any middle class families for that matter. tell us how cutting income tax rates for the wealthiest is going to help most african-americans. or voter i.d. laws, mitt, your silence on that mattered before the naacp when they're focusing on that is deafening. especially back in april you sided with pennsylvania republicans who wanted to disenfranchise voters. and you say you want to end obama-care, which as today's boos may have indicated is actually really popular with african-americans. among other things ending obama-care would make it harder for black women who are most likely to die from breast cancer than white women it makes it more difficult for them to get free screenings. let's be honest, mitt. i know that's hard for you but today's naacp appearance was not really an attempt to win over black voters. this is an attempt to make yourself look more either inclusive to independents, but perhaps more importantly this was an attempt to get fox news some video of angry black people booing at you. and that is today's not-so-secret lie. coming to us from houston th
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Jul 6, 2012 10:00am PDT
many people are giving up. that is what we are looking at as to how people are feeling us. what is the misery index. about whether to continue with president obama in the white house. shannon: president obama talks about the dismal situation he inherited. he says for 28 straight months the private sector has added jobs at a rate of 4.4 million. is that going to be a strong selling point for him? >> you can slice that the other direction, too. you can say any months that you don't have 125,000 new jobs coming you are losing ground. you have new people young people entering the workforce. you are adding, but not enough to keep up with what you need for population growth. that is where the president has been for the last several months. good news in the wintertime, things aren't that bad, then we got will be having two consecutive years, as he did into the second quarter, it starts in the president finds himself here now. shannon: a june poll showed that 55% disapprove of how the president is handling the economy. when we go out and take these polls about what the most important th
Jul 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
established the u.s. navy as a force to be reckoned with. >>> finally, thousands of fans gathered in los angeles for the it 1st annual animae expo. they went to concerts and dressed up as their favorite characters. celebrating that craze that first started in japan. >>> now, for a look at the national regional weather, here' nbc meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. bill's marcing it on his calendar as we speak, right, you and me next year, animae expo. >> i would check it out. it sounds fascinating. the pictures, the people. >> you would dress up as? >> i don't know. we'd have to work on that one. >> the guy with the horse head. >> yeah. either you go all in or you don't do it at all. good morning, everyone. incredible heat, incredible storms. we continue in the same weather pattern. it's not changing across the country. the heat wave, the record-setting heat wave peeked over the weekend. we saw high temperatures in the 100s from st. louis all the way to columbia, south carolina. there was one spot that hit 113 degrees. if that verifies at the weather center, that will be the hot
Jul 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
... at... your local movie theatre? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / fox45b for no. 3 we're expecting some wicked weather this evening.... with much of the area under a flash flood warning until late tonight.whhre are the storms right now? lets check in with meteorologist emily gracey. much... of... baltimore... spent... this day... cleaning up... from... last nights... storm..../. jeff... abell... is here... with... the damage report, jeff.... this is what it looked like during the height of the storm last night. the rain fell so fast, it overed cars, stranded motorists, and left many people paddling their way out of some water worries. &p3 it created such a mess that many residents spent this day attempting to clean it all up. much of the damage was in east baltimore where the water flooded basements, damaged cars and washed debris into
Jul 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
is accused of contaminating syringes... then using them on patients in at least 8 states. at least 30 former patients in new hampshire contracted the virus.kwiatkowski also worked at four maryland hospitals from 2008 to 2010... including baltimore veteran affairs medical center... johns hopkins... maryland general and southern maryland hospital. 00:57 we want to err on the side of caution to go ahead and test all of the people who may have been exposed here. 03 kwiatkowski is charged with obtaining drugs and tampering with a consumer product.he denies the allegations. a fake doctor accused of illegally giving butt injections... is now facing additional charges.we are now learning that one of the women "o'neal morris" is accused of injecting.. has died. died.morris is a transvestite based in miami... who is accused of pumping women with fix-a-flat.. super glue... bathroom caulk.. even cement. morris is now facing manslaughter charges... in addition to practicing medicine without a license. this news comes just weeks after another fake doc.. kimberly smedley.. was sentenced in baltimore to 3
Jul 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
it as though it may be energized and call us immediately. >> we have seen some of downed trees and a lot of these neighborhoods do not have power so it is hard to tell where there might be downed trees. use caution to make sure you're not driving over power lines. >> be careful, sheldon. hundreds of utility workers are providing reinforcements. many of the utility workers come from all over the country and even as far north as canada, assisting since last weekend. bge will be footing the bill. >> at least 22 people have died as a result of the storms. officials are also concerned about the improper use of generators which can also yield that these results. >> use them safely. place them 20 feet away from your home and make certain it is not been a leading toward the house that would allow carbon monoxide to seep in through the windows and door building. >> carbon monoxide is a lethal because you cannot see it, smell it, or tasted. symptoms are similar to that of a fluke. how are residents dealing with no power for almost one week? kai reed joins us with that part of the story. >> we spen
Jul 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
? >> who knew? >>> good news for the folks visiting us on vacation. if you're hitting the road for the fourth of july break, the gas prices continue to plummet. >> good news for a lot of folk. >>> exclusive video of the family of the american graduate student that was attack by chimps. they're arriving at a hospital in south africa. their son is in stable condition. we'll have the latest with andrew. >> what a story. >>> we begin with the heat wave. 16 states under warnings of advisories this morning. adding to the scorcher, millions out power. sam is out, kicks off the coverage this morning. outside times square. >> hey, good morning, robin. 3,165 record-high temperatures in the month of june, this, as we just start july. the fiery red dots in the middle of the record-high temperatures. the yellow represent the 3,000. the red dots are the warmest temperatures ever. nashville, never happened before, 109. atlanta, 106. raleigh, 105. we were on pace with the temperatures in saudi arabia and all over the deserts. with all that heat came an awful lot of storm. about a thousand stor
Jul 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
, tucker. >> you guys have gone over to the other side now. can no longer relate to us -- >> i'm going to turn my power off before you for about two hours. >> it's painful. >> it really is. >> let me get to your weather forecast. another warm humid start to the day. sunny and hot this afternoon. might be an isolated storm. heat wave continues with forecasted highs in the mid- 90s. the mountains, if you're in hagerstown, winchester, 60s this morning. change from yesterday. the humidity will be on the increase. a warm front is pushing through as we speak. brought a few light showers early this morning to parts of southern maryland. won't increase our temperatures a lot. it will increase the humidity. after getting a break from the humidity, that will be back as well today. 95 the daytime high. 96 in baltimore. and 96 in fredericksburg. more details on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> tucker, you can always stay at the holiday inn. >> i'm going to have to consider something like that soon. >> or you can do what beetle bailey does and lay in the basement of my house. >> not goin
Jul 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
it to your drug store. "newsroom" begins right now. >>> and good morning. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i'm carol costello. we begin with an ongoing investigation. after a food safety scare at 30,000 feet. we're talking about sewing needles found in sandwiches served on four separate delta flights. the planes were heading from amsterdam to minneapolis and seattle. and also on two flights into atlanta. one passenger aboard the minneapolis flight was hurt by a needle, but did not need medical attention after the plane landed. so is all of this coincidence or is it something more? sandra endo is in washington to tell us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's certainly something authorities are looking into. the fbi and local law enforcement in the netherlands are trying to find out how those needles got into those turkey sandwiches. two of the needles were found by passengers, and one was discovered by an air marshal. when delta found out about the needles in the food, the airline says it notified all 18 flights from amsterdam to stop serving the sandwiches.
Jul 14, 2012 2:00am EDT
's what it means, $14 million less for those banks to lend, which will hurt the rest of us. banks are crucial for our economy. we need them to thrive. they have become so big that they seem to control our fate. just yesterday on this show, dan gross, the economics editor at yahoo! finance, suggested the u.s. economy is sort of like the titanic. i loved the image. it got us playing a little game. take a look at this little image. our economy is the titanic. it feels invincible and huge. the most amaze thing in the history of the earth. even after the financial crisis. pretty much just like the titanic was, right? we were sailing along till we hit that jpmorgan trading loss. and it jolted everybody. it jolted our ship. we said, wow, is our economy still at risk from banks? then the shaking stopped. and we went back to having a good time on our ship. the problem is, 90% of an iceberg is under water. below us at this very moment, our little ship, america, could be a massive chunk of ice. because there is so much we cannot see. there are trades that can bring banks down. and this. the
Jul 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
is in washington to tell us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's certainly something authorities are looking into. the fbi and local law enforcement in the netherlands are trying to find out how those needles got into those turkey sandwiches. two of the needles were found by passengers, and one was discovered by an air marshal. when delta found out about the needles in the food, the airline says it notified all 18 flights from amsterdam to stop serving the sandwiches. here's what one passenger who got one of the contaminated sandwiches said when he spoke to station kstp. >> i bit down on it so that i wasn't biting down on the sharp side but on the flat side. it could have been, you know, a bad injury. orally. but had i taken a big swallow and swallowed that down, i would have a needle inside. and that would be very concerning to me. >> gate gourmet is the company that provided the sandwiches, and a spokesman for the company says that the sandwiches were prepared in amsterdam. she goes on to say, this is a terribly upsetting situation. first and foremost is the safety of the trave
Jul 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
[laughter] but use say no chance. and then not with this record left creates -- relies on a secret ally in to get into the oval office boosted him into stardom with the biggest industry in america. you hear of the super pac many wall street and lobbying but the left is silent about the biggest group which is hollywood. they could sell the individual on the big screen but also make the fund-raiser like george clooney hosted $50 million just from one evening. barack obama hopes hollywood has the same effect as 2008. hollywood has the allegiance two barack obama. jeffrey katzenberg of the dreamworks animation ceo said i have a dependency on barack obama. we must fight for him so he can fight for us. hollywood is dependent on barack obama. that is how he launched into stardom. going back to a little-known story and individual five fed name of david geffen. part owner of dreamworks. along with bill clinton, they were tied to. a man crashed on each other when david was in washington d.c. he would spend time in the lincoln bedroom. when bill clinton was in california he would crash there. but
Jul 8, 2012 2:00pm EDT
in the forecast -- >> i'm not sure if that is the word used -- >> in the last three years, what was actually done, specific actions, to rectify what is actually a cultural rot that led us here today? >> we focus on three categories. if you take the traders first and foremost, there is significant investment in the system and controls in this area. various areas -- upgraded compliance. we have a new head of compliance and people under them in the entire organization as part of it. each individual involved in this -- we did not have to wait for the final investigation, then we acted. there were some cases where we felt it would have been better to keep them working -- >> in january 2011, you said there was a period of remorse and apologies for the bank, and "i think it needs to be over." do you think it is? early part of 2011. >> i think it came across in a way that was not meant -- banks have to be better citizens, and i was aware of this investigation -- we have to evolve the culture -- >> that is a long time, though. mr. diamond, given that you have grown up in banking, you have a meteoric rise,
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